Afiliación de Reporte Hispano

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Many of you have asked us how you can directly support the local newscast we produce. Now we have an answer. 99% of our readers will not become members, and that’s fine! With that said, we believe it is important to develop a close relationship with those who find what we do valuable. To 1%, we appreciate your support. See our current members .

Aside from receiving warm and affectionate greetings, you will also get these things:

  • Members list. We have created a page that shows our members and their member numbers. It’s like buying a brick in a stadium, more or less;) See the members .
  • A soft T-shirt or cap. Choose between a baseball cap or a super soft jersey. Available when you pay 12 months in advance.
  • Early access to events. Every month, we hold an event with the goal of giving you practical knowledge about a specific topic (eg, How to apply to a public office with Phil Murphy).
  • Offers and discounts. Both large and small companies approach us with exclusive offers that we make known to our members through private emails.
  • Monthly members of the exclusive newsletter. Scores on rankings, offers and great stories.
  • Members of opinion articles. Every month, we will send an email to our subscribers to ask for their opinions on an influential NJ Latino issue. Members will weigh the issue and we will post all their thoughts.
  • Informal membership meetings. Informal super casual meetings (with happy hours, to get an idea) in which we can chat animatedly about Hispanic news from NJ and so that our team can take note of your opinions on what we can do to offer you a better service.
  • Other surprises. We are always looking for ways to surprise and delight our members. Oh! And we will also celebrate their birthdays in our newsletter.