My administration has always been committed to fostering an environment that is safe, secure and free from ethnic, sexual and gender-based discrimination and harassment, sexual violence, and other related misconduct. It is why I write this letter, with great disappointment, to the residents in the City of Perth Amboy to make you all aware of the alarming and deeply disrespectful views and behavior of the City Council President William Petrick.

Council President Petrick’s Facebook page has shown his views, undermining the value of women, his non-democratic views and discriminatory views of the immigrant population.  Those postings have since been removed from his Facebook page, but have been recorded and are still circulating on social media, damaging the reputation of our city, as a welcoming city to all of our residents.

 As Mayor, I am deeply disappointed that an elected official who represents a diverse urban municipality, expresses such blatant prejudices and misogynist views against women, on social media.   Such behavior is unbecoming of any public official. It is disrespectful to the residents he is supposed to serve.

Over the years I have experienced, and unfortunately, have grown accustomed to the heightened level of misogyny demonstrated against me from other male elected officials.   Like many other women, I have developed a thick skin, and always try to move forward focusing on the business of our community. However, when this type of behavior is so shamelessly displayed on social media and in public meetings, it disrespects our community, our women and our diverse citizenship. Therefore, I will no longer stay silent.

In the age of #MeToo, when women all over this country are demonstrating courage by speaking out against discrimination and sexual abuse, all elected leaders must be mindful to respect women and their contributions to our workplaces and communities.

Council President Petrick has admitted last night at public meeting that he shared vile and hateful messages on social media.  But instead of understanding the damage that he has done to this community, he is playing politics. He blames others, rather than take responsibility for his unbecoming views and behavior.

I call on Council President Petrick to take FULL responsibility for his disrespectful behavior on social media. Failing to do so only bring into question whether his views and character makes him fit to serve this community!

My administration will continue to work and foster an environment that is safe, secure and free from ethnic, sexual and gender-based discrimination and harassment, sexual violence, and other related misconduct. Council President Petrick must do the same!

 About the City of Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Perth Amboy, an urban community with a rich cultural history and a more than three hundred-year-old maritime and industrial legacy, is an interconnection point for major highways, roadways and waterways. Founded in 1683 and chartered in 1718, it served as the state capital until 1790 and is home of the Royal Governor William Franklin’s Mansion. Perth Amboy, is known for its beautiful waterfront, downtown shopping, and many fabulous restaurants.

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