Reporte Hispano wins the “2021 Local News Excellence Award” From the Center for Cooperativa Media

Reporte Hispano was awarded this year the “2021 NJ News Commons Excellence in Local News, Partner of the Year” by the Center of Cooperativa Media at Montclair University. (Click here to see the official announcement).

This prestigious statewide award was given to Reporte Hispano for the work done by our editor and reporter, Kleibéel Marcano, while covering the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Census, and the elections.

During 2020, Reporte Hispano worked closely with the Center for Cooperative Media Center to bring reliable and truthful information to the Hispanic community in New Jersey, allowing Latinos and Latinas in the state to be informed and educated about the pandemic, the 2020 Census and presidential election.

“Reporte Hispano, has risen to these challenges by providing Spanish-speaking communities in New Jersey with information from a statewide and policy perspective about the virus and how it affects health, immigration, housing, education and other local and national social issues that matter to the Latino community”, said Joe Amditis, Associate Director of the Center in the announcement of the award winners.

The proclamation of the award winners highlights not only the work done by Reporte Hispano to keep the Latino community informed, but also the cooperative work that the newspaper carried out through the Center with Ledger, which resulted in the front page publication in the Star Ledger of two stories on the elections focused on the Latino community, written by Kleibéel Marcano and reporters from

“Reporte Hispano looks forward to continuing to work with the Center and other partners to continue bringing reliable information to the Hispanic community in New Jersey and others that will allow them to live better informed and overcome difficulties and prosper in the United States”, said Cara Marcano, Publisher of Reporte Hispano. 

The mission of the Cooperative Media Center is to grow and strengthen local journalism for the benefit of New Jerseyans. It is a program funded by grants from the Montclair State University School of Communication and Media. Its flagship project is NJ News Commons, which is a statewide media network that includes hyperlocal digital publishers, public media, non-profit organizations, television, radio and newspapers, working together on collaborative projects, sharing content, networks and generally support each other.